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What is UCaaS and how will it help your business?

Communication and communication skills are among the most important human abilities. This is true in personal life as well as in business and entrepreneurship. Here, unified communications (UC) services are a clear trend. Did you know that unified communications can also be provided as a cloud service (UCaaS)? Read on to find out why it's worth your while.  

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How AI can help your business and why it needs the cloud

Is the AI revolution coming? Artificial intelligence is only at the beginning of its development and it can already drive cars or planes, mimic human communication or analyse and evaluate huge amounts of data. Unlike humans, artificial intelligence does not need to sleep or eat, nor does it get sick. Many companies are therefore implementing it, and it is likely that it will eventually replace some jobs entirely. Together, let's take a look at how AI can help your company and why the cloud is needed to make it happen.

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3 types of cloud computing: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Today, it is practically impossible to imagine a company functioning without storing data in the cloud. But did you know that the cloud can be divided into 3 types? If you are interested in how they differ from each other and for which companies each type is and is not suitable, continue reading.

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The 8 biggest benefits of cloud computing

We wouldn't be far off the mark if we called the cloud a true revolution in IT. Cloud computing is opening up a whole new dimension of IT services to small and large businesses alike, bringing with it a wide range of benefits. How will cloud computing enable your business to innovate and where will it save you money? 

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