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Our data center

Our own data centers guarantee non-stop accessibility and security of your data and applications

Triple data security in 3 locations based on TIER III specification

  • Our localities are situated in a safe distance from each other to reduce any risk of local issues or weather complications.
  • Based on enterprise technologies and architecture by prominent producers (HPE, VMware, Veeam, Sophos, Microsoft).
  • Monitored movement of people and thorough records of physical security.
  • We use systems based on the most widespread technologies; we will not lock you up in our solution.
  • We back up all 3 locations daily.
  • The data are accessible from anywhere and from any kind of device (PC, mobile, tablet…).
  • Data are stored in the Czech Republic with the guarantee of processing in the same area.
  • We set up our service within 24 hours.
  • We deal with complicated GDPR compliance instead of you.
  • Transparent price model with fixed price of components.

We have carried out more than 1300 cloud projects

We’d be happy to design a custom plan for you.
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Future of enterprise IT is in cloud

An up-to-date data center in the Czech Republic. We regularly update to the most modern and high-performance generation of hardware.
We meet the highest standards including TIER III classification, PCI DSS requirements and ISO 27001 information security certification.
We guarantee the accessibility of systems up to 99,99%. The mirroring in multiple redundant localities facilitates the immediate recovery after a breakdown and assures an operational continuity. Furthermore, it eliminates investment and unexpected costs of hardware purchase and operation of your own servers. Pay for an actual performance your systems require.

Based on enterprise technology and
architecture by leading producers

HP Logo vmware veeam sophos microsoft
All systems are redundant at minimum N+1 level
Monitoring of movement of people and close records of physical security

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to commit to a fixed-term contract?
No, our services can be ordered without a commitment to a fixed period.
Is there someone I can contact if needed?
Our employees are available to you 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Can I try the cloud solution?
Yes, we will set up a 14-day free trial environment for you, where you can test both the service itself and communicate with our customer support.
How is the cloud backed up?
We create a copy of your entire environment and back it up in our main data center as well as at a secondary location. The standard data recovery period for your deleted data is 4 weeks.
Where are my data stored?
We have our own data center located in the Czech Republic, where all your data is stored.
How do you guarantee server availability?
We have the highest service availability guarantee of 99.99%.
Would you like to try our products or find out more?
Leave us your contact info and our cloud specialists will get back to you within 3 hours.
  • Highest data security standard – ISO 27001 certificate
  • Our support is available non-stop at +420 225 006 555
  • Cloud is operated from 3 mutually independent locations
If you don't want to wait for a reply, call us directly at +420 225 006 555
Your data is secure.

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