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Cyber security analysis

The number of cyber attacks is skyrocketing and the cost of dealing with them is rising. Uncover hidden vulnerabilities in your IT with a fast and effective cybersecurity audit. We will determine the current state of your IT, increase the resilience, integrity and trustworthiness of your systems, implement cybersecurity policies and educate your staff. 

  • Current state analysis
  • Areas and risks identification
  • Risk management
  • Employee training

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How does our security analysis help you?

Current state analysis

Get an overview of the current security of your IT environment with a complete IT view and individual services and processes. 

Areas and risks identification

We will identify specific areas that need improvement and recommend next steps to meet the requirements of the Cyber Law. 

Risk management

We will assess the risks and develop a list of for follow-up to minimize damage. We'll take care of your IT cybersecurity. 

Employee training

Up to 95% of incidents within company are related to human error. We'll develop a long-term training plan for your employees. 

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We analyze the security of your IT

Find out how secure your IT is. Based on a renowned methodology, we will create an overview analysis of the current state of information security in your organization. We will assess the security status, identify security risks and prepare documentation of the results. We will propose a specific course of action to eliminate the risks and help you with implementation.

We analyze the security of your IT

The cybersecurity audit includes a risk analysis

We perform a detailed analysis of IT and information systems with detailed asset descriptions. We identify vulnerabilities and assess the gravity of threats, which we rank according to the severity of the impact on the customer. We will propose measures to eliminate the most serious threats and develop a risk management strategy.

The cybersecurity audit includes a risk analysis

The cybersecurity audit quantifies potential losses

Along with cyber threats, the costs of dealing with them and the losses they cause are rising. We'll identify your business processes that depend on technology and assess the level of dependency when they are down or unavailable. We quantify the potential damage and suggest measures to minimize it. Avoid losing valuable data and finances.

The cybersecurity audit quantifies potential losses
25 %
average increase in IT productivity due to the cloud
up to 41 %
savings compared to running your own infrastructure

It's so easy to get started

We'll handle your company's cybersecurity from A to Z.  

We will: 

  • Analyze the security of your company's IT environment.
  • Compare the results with the requirements of the Cybersecurity Act.
  • Propose corrective measures and implement them with respect to the existing environment.
  • Provide training for your employees.

Case studies

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Most common configurations

We will gladly create a tailored cybersecurity audit plan for you, please contact us for more information. 

Analysis of the current state

Upon request

  • Fast and effective analysis
  • Uncovering hidden vulnerabilities
  • Overall overview of the organization’s cyber protection system
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