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Using the cloud for your CRM system

Run your CRM system from the cloud and work more efficiently from any location. It does not matter where you are, where your employees are or where your accountant is based. Or whether you prefer Windows, Mac or Linux. Do not worry about the high cost of running your own hardware. By moving your CRM system to the cloud, you not only gain financial savings, but also maximum security for your data and the ability to work remotely. 

Benefits of a cloud-based CRM

In the cloud, your data is completely safe and impossible to lose. System and data backup is automatic. We create copies and back them up to multiple fully secured locations. Furthermore, the statistics are clear: the most common source of data loss are employees. With CRM in the cloud, you no longer need to store any data on employee devices.

Work from anywhere

Work remotely - from anywhere and from any device. By moving your CRM system to the cloud, you centralize the administration and work in the system. 

Connect to other systems

Thanks to the cloud, you can easily connect your CRM with other systems, such as your e-shop, stock management, logistics or content management systems.

Lower your maintenance costs

Eliminate the costs of running your own server management, energy consumption or GDPR. Pay a monthly fee and don't worry about anything. 

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Companies that have moved their CRM system to the cloud have seen the following benefits:

support for our customers
12 s
average speed of response to client request
Up to 41%
cost savings compared to local infrastructure and staff costs
25 %
increase in IT productivity

Why move your CRM system to AlgoCloud?

More than 1,300 companies already run their business systems from our cloud. Join our satisfied clients. We are going to adapt to your needs and design a custom solution for you.
Secure backups We back up your data to multiple locations and restore it promptly in case of problems.
Financial savings Like our clients, save up to 41% on infrastructure costs and employee salaries.
Availability 365 days a year Our servers have been running 71,394 hours without downtime. Client support is available non-stop.
Protectors of your data We repel more than 1.2 million cyber-attacks every day.
20+ years in IT services We've been bringing smart IT solutions to businesses for over 20 years.

Move to the CRM cloud without limiting your company's operations

We can arrange a complete transition to the cloud while your business remains fully operational. With us, you don't have to worry about downtime or complications. 

  • Specify the use of the system with you
  • Create a migration schedule
  • Prepare the cloud environment for the specific system
  • Perform a stress test and optimization of the created environment
  • Arrange a gradual transition of systems and data
  • Monitor everything and take care of administration and smooth operation

Case studies

KAPITOL, a.s. is a company of the Vienna Insurance Group family. Because it coordinates hundreds of salespeople, a quality CRM system is an important tool for efficiency. Since the original CRM solution was already outdated and could not cope with the new demands of the growing company, the company turned to Algotech. We found a customized solution for them based on the SugarCRM product.

Full study

Built by entrepreneurs for business

A strong team in Algotech will guide you through the entire process of migration to the cloud, as well as ensure your trouble-free operation in it. Since 1997, we have been building up our experience with many different clients, and we are able to design and implement a tailor-made solution just for you.
Guarantee of availability We guarantee data 99,99% of the time
Highest data security ISO 27001 certification
Always within reach Non-stop technical support at the telephone number: +420 225 006 555
Your budget under control You learn the price beforehand, so you never get surprised
Perfect cooperation We will manage the cloud for you
You only pay for what you use Flexible offer
In 20 years, over 1300 customers have found their way to the cloud with us
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