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Czech Airlines flew into AlgoCloud!

In order to ensure the continuity of support and operation of the ERP system in connection with a change in ownership structure, it was necessary to separate the enterprise ERP system, data, and resources of Czech Airlines from the parent company.

The migration of the enterprise Oracle e-Business Suite system to AlgoCloud was the most suitable option in terms of time, risk, and investment.


Czech Airlines gained by switching to the cloud:
  • secure operation of the enterprise information system as a service without initial investment,
  • permanent professional support in the field of ERP and cloud,
  • high service availability ensured by the latest AlgoCloud technologies.
What did Czech Airlines deal with?

Czech Airlines was faced with a decision on how to re-operate its corporate system and was looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution. Building their own infrastructure would be very expensive, both in terms of investment and operation. For these reasons, CSA chose the AlgoCloud environment, which provides a highly available, secure and professional backend for the systems. For the implementation itself, CSA chose Algotech because it provides a unique combination of long-standing expertise with enterprise systems while operating its own state-of-the-art data centre.

How did we implement the order?

The project was divided into two parts. The aim of the first stage was to separate CSA data from the parent company so that its structure was not disrupted and at the same time it was possible to operate the data in a newly prepared environment. The second stage involved the actual transfer of the Oracle e-Business Suite enterprise system to the cloud environment.

A very interesting and unique part of the migration was the change of platform and operating system from Sun Ultra SPARC (Solaris OS) to today's most common x86 platform and LINUX OS. The newly prepared system is connected to all internally operated applications in the Czech Airlines environment.

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We would like to thank Czech Airlines for their trust and cooperation during the migration and the start of the live operation. We consider the entry of CSA on board AlgoCloud as a great opportunity and a chance to show other large companies that the cloud is a secure and accessible platform for their data and applications. We wish CSA many happy miles and a smooth flight every time.

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A few words from the customer:

"The cooperation with Algotech has been second to none from the start. In particular, we were worried about the challenging migration of more than 70 servers from the original environment, but thanks to Algotech's professional and proactive approach, everything went smoothly beyond expectations."

Juraj Liška
CSA IT Director
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