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Using the cloud for CAD/CAM systems

Step into the future of design with CAD/CAM in AlgoCloud. Advance the work of engineers, utilize the nearly unlimited power of cloud servers to fully run advanced graphics software, and take your projects to the highest level. 

Benefits of running a CAD/CAM system in the cloud

The cloud is available anywhere in the world, at any time. With a CAD/CAM system in the cloud, you can collaborate with the best professionals, no matter what country they live in or what office they work from. In addition, all data is extremely accessible and as secure as possible - thanks to backup power, proven cyber protection technologies, round-the-clock security and technical support.

Save money with CAD/CAM in the cloud

Eliminate the capital and unexpected costs of running your own solution, don't worry about human resource shortages, and reduce costs for power consumption, server placement, infrastructure maintenance, and GDPR solutions. Pay a monthly fee and let us take care of everything.

Speed up your system

The average CAD/CAM load time in AlgoCloud is 9 seconds, or 32 seconds for very demanding projects. Saving orders and projects takes an average of 3 seconds. This makes work fast and efficient.

High level of configurability

Running CAD/CAM in the cloud offers scalability of system resources, enormous flexibility and ease of use. With this solution, you can adapt to changes and emerging situations in your organization immediately.

Looking for a custom solution?

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Companies that have moved their CAD/CAM system to the cloud have seen the following benefits:

increased efficiency of designers
70 s
faster loading of CAD/CAM applications
improvement in complete and on-time delivery
more accurate adherence to internal schedule
shorter decision-making time

Why run a CAD/CAM system in the cloud? 

More than 1300 companies already run their business systems from our cloud. Join our satisfied clients. We are going to adapt to your needs and design a custom solution for you. 
Secure backups We back up your data to multiple locations and restore it promptly in case of problems. .
Financial savings Like our clients, save up to 41% on infrastructure costs and employee salaries. .
Availability 365 days a year Our servers have been running 71,394 hours without downtime. Client support is available non-stop. .
Protectors of your data We repel more than 1.2 million cyber-attacks every day.
20+ years in IT services We've been bringing smart IT solutions to businesses for over 20 years.

Move to the cloud without limiting your company's operations

We can arrange a complete transition to the cloud while your business remains fully operational. With us, you don't have to worry about downtime or complications.

  • Specify the use of the system with you
  • Create a migration plan
  • Prepare the cloud environment for the specific system
  • Perform a stress test and optimization of the created environment
  • Arrange a phased transition of systems and data
  • Monitor everything and take care of administration and smooth operation

Case studies

"Initially, the main thing that was important to us was the quick and smooth start-up of the entire project and Algotech's ability to provide all the necessary services for us. Now we appreciate the high availability of all the solutions provided. It is essential for us that we can rely on them completely. At the moment, we are also seriously considering running a corporate security solution with Algotech."

Full study

Built by entrepreneurs for business

A strong team in Algotech will guide you through the entire process of migration to the cloud, as well as ensure your trouble-free operation in it. Since 1997, we have been building up our experience with many different clients, and we are able to design and implement a tailor-made solution just for you.
Guarantee of availability We guarantee data 99,99% of the time
Highest data security ISO 27001 certification
Always within reach Non-stop technical support at the telephone number: +420 225 006 555
Your budget under control You learn the price beforehand, so you never get surprised
Perfect cooperation We will manage the cloud for you
You only pay for what you use Flexible offer
In 20 years, over 1300 customers have found their way to the cloud with us
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